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Submit Your Price

San Diego Engine Parts Offers Online Bid Negotiations to Customers.

It is simple to submit the price you would like to pay for a part. Send an email HERE with the part number and price you would like to pay. Shortly after, we will send you an email confirming or rejecting your offer.

  • If SDEP accepts your offer:
    • Along with your confirmation email will be a code which you enter upon the purchase of the product you sent an offer for.
    • Go to checkout and reach "Step 2: Shipping & Payment".
    • Off to the right under "Your Order" click "Have a coupon code?".
    • Enter the code sent to you. Done!

    If you do not enter the code, you will be paying the SDEP price.

  • If SDEP rejects your offer:
  • You will receive an email rejecting your offer, however you may try to offer a different price with the same method.

If you have any issues or would like to give feedback, please contact us.