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Engine Pro Performance Nitro Black Valves 01-3013.250-8


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Engine Pro Performance Nitro Black Valves 01-3013.250-8 Specifications

  • Type Int
  • Head Diameter 2.300
  • Stem Diameter 11/32"
  • Installed Height +250
  • Overall Length 5.478
  • Tip Length .250
  • Sold in Set of 8

Applies to:

  • Chevrolet Big Block


  • 21-4N High Strength Stainless Alloy
  • Swirl Polished for Improved Flow Characteristics
  • Fully Undercut Stem
  • Hard Wafer Tip
  • One Piece Forging
  • Proprietary Liquid Nitriding Process that Creates a Valve that is Smoother Stronger and More Corrosion Resistant than Traditional Chromed Valves
  • Deep Nitriding Provides Better Ductility Under the Hard Nitrided Layer as Proven in Rotating-Bending Fatigue Tests
  • Valve is Less Likely to Break Even if Contacted by the Piston
  • Greater Surface Hardness Means Less Valve Guide Wear
  • Improved Corrosion Resistance even with Exotic Fuels
  • Our Nitriding Process is Much Cleaner than Chroming- it's Better for the Environment