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Engine Pro Performance

Engine Pro Performance Camshafts MC1733

Engine Pro Performance Camshafts MC1733

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Engine Pro Performance Camshafts MC1733 Specifications

  • Mech (Mechanical)/Hyd (Hydraulic): Hyd
  • Stage: 2
  • Dur @ .050" Int Exh: 204 214
  • Adv. Dur. Int Exh: 282 292
  • Valve Lift Int Exh: .484 .510
  • Lobe Sep Int Exh: 106 118
  • Power Range: 1500-4000
  • Idle: Smooth
  • Lifter Part#: 900
  • Notes: N/A
  • Comments: Good Low And Mid Range Torque. Good For Towing.

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Applies to:

  • Ford V8 1970-82 351C, 351M, 400 C.I.


Street or strip, Engine Pro Performance Camshafts simply out perform the competition. Our manufacturing accuracy promotes improved valve train stability resulting in improved power gain. Our "controlled ramp" lobe profiles offer acceleration rates extending valve train life while delivering maximum horsepower.

  • Ground in the U.S.A. 100% American Made Castings and Billets
  • Manganese Phosphate Coated, Flame Hardened Castings or Induction Hardened Billets
  • Computer Designed Lobe Profiles for Maximum Power
  • Profiles are Adcole Verified for the Ultimate in Accuracy
  • Journal Roundness Maintained to Within .0002"
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