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Engine Pro Performance

Engine Pro Performance Engine Bearings 11-1663H1

Engine Pro Performance Engine Bearings 11-1663H1

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Engine Pro Performance Engine Bearings 11-1663H1 Specifications

  • Application: N/A
  • Oil Clearance: Std
  • Comment: 2.015" Housing Bore/ 1.8885 - 1.8890

Applies to:

  • Custom Performance


Engine Pro Performance Series bearings deliver a unique and desirable combination of strength and flexibility. All Engine Pro Performance Series rod bearings feature hardened steel backing for superior performance under high load and temperature conditions. Engine Pro Performance Series main bearings are 3/4 grooved for optimum oil supply and increased surface area for better load carrying capability.

  • Tri-metal material
  • Oversized chamfers for large radius fillets
  • High crush and no flash plating to improve seating
  • Medium eccentricity to maintain uniform oil clearance
  • Thinner, high strength overlay to increase fatigue strength
  • Wall tolerance +/- .00015" to maintain accurate clearances
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