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Engine Pro Performance H-Beam Connecting Rods 10-1010-8

Engine Pro Performance H-Beam Connecting Rods 10-1010-8

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Engine Pro Performance H-Beam Connecting Rods 10-1010-8 Specifications

  • Length: 5.400
  • Rod Journal Size: 2.100
  • Pin Bore: .928
  • Weight: 604
  • Max Hp: 700


Until the development of today's modern alloys, chrome moly was popularly considered a high strength material. Now viewed as only moderate strength, 8740 chrome moly is seen as a good tough steel, with adequate fatigue properties for most racing applications, but only if the threads are rolled after heat-treatment, as is the standard ARP production practice. Typically, chrome moly is classified as a quench and temper steel, that can be heat-treated to deliver tensile strengths between 180,000 and 210,000 PSI.

Applies to:

  • Ford Small Block


Engine Pro H-Beam Connecting Rods are forged from 4340 steel. All of our rods are magnafluxed, heat treated, stress relieved, shot peened, and sonic tested to ensure they provide the strength required for high horsepower applications. All rods are produced on CNC machinery and are finished in the USA to ensure precise big end and pin end bore sizes. We weight match all of our sets of rods to + or -1.5 grams to make balancing easier. Silicon bronze bushings are installed for use with floating pins. Bolt lube and torque specifications are included. Engine Pro rods equipped with ARP's standard 8740 bolt are rated for up to 700 horsepower in small blocks, and 850 horsepower in big block applications.

  • Magnafluxed
  • Forged from 4340 steel
  • Three levels of bolts - ARP 8740 cap screw, ARP 2000, ARP L19
  • Heat treated
  • Stress relieved
  • Shot peened
  • Bronze bushed pin bores
  • Weight balanced + or - 1.5 grams
  • ARP moly bolt lube included
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