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Engine Pro Performance

Engine Pro Performance Valve Locks 04-1011-32

Engine Pro Performance Valve Locks 04-1011-32

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Engine Pro Performance Valve Locks 04-1011-32 Specifications

  • Valve Height -.050 Installed Height
  • Valve Stem Size 3/8"
  • Lock Angle 7 Degrees
  • Lash Cap Recess No
  • Material Machined Chrome Moly

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Engine Pro locks are available in two types: stamped or machined. Our OEM style lock is stamped from premium materials and case hardened. Our premium performance locks are machined chrome moly steel and are recommended for severe duty applications with higher spring pressures.

  • All Locks are Case Hardened
  • OEM Style Lock is for Mild Performance Engine Applications
  • Premium Lock is Machined from High Grade Chrome Moly Steel and Case Hardened to a Depth of .015" for High Horsepower Use
  • Premium Locks with 11/32" Stem Available for +.050" and -.050" Installed Height.
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